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Wests Bulldogs (Brisbane) Under 12 Premiers – Congratulations!

Welcome to the Junior Almanac.

We’d love to publish your stories – about anything.


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Merri Creek Primary School: Kyoto, Japan (by Rupert P)

Rupert P talks about late flights, tiring walks , and his love for Japan.

Merri Creek Primary School: All About Rex at the Beach (by Lincoln)

Lincoln P spins a tale starring his furry friend Rex, an orange Frisbee, and a couple of troublesome seagulls.

Merri Creek Primary School: Latrobe Valley, Yarram and Carrajung (by Jorge)

Jorge shares the blueprint to his family’s happy Christmas down in Gippsland.

Merri Creek Primary School: My Big Fall (by Meg O)

The best snow ever! Meg O tells her story of hot chocolate, fresh snow, and her very big fall!

Merri Creek Primary School: My Bad Airplane Experience (by Bruno)

Bruno tells the story of the worst airplane experience of his life.

Merri Creek Primary School: Queensland Christmas (by Theo)

On the long drive to Queensland Theo encounters Elvis, looks at the universe through telescopes at Parkes and puts up with his sisters. But it’s all worth it in the end.

Merri Creek Primary School: TV Night (by Phoenix)

Phoenix has definitely cracked the code to everlasting happiness – Pizza, TV, and Family!

Merri Creek Primary School: The Day My Mum Nearly Ate My Brother’s Tooth (by Zoe)

Zoe’s Mum nearly swallowed her brother’s tooth!

Merri Creek Primary School: Venus Bay (by Marlo)

Marlo is a veteran beach-goer and recommends that newcomers to the scene invest in a pair of sunglasses. He’s a fan of Venus Bay and the parma at the Fish Creek pub.

Merri Creek Primary School: Wilsons Promontory (by Fred)

Fred sets the story straight on the Kids Vs Adults beach soccer match.

Merri Creek Primary School: Our Family Christmas (by Pepper)

Pepper’s family has definitely unlocked the secret to the perfect Christmas – swimming, fruit salads, and dogs!

Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Soccer (Agnes)

Agnes was introduced to soccer by her sister and now has plenty of reasons to love it.

Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Swimming (Mary)

Mermaid in the making, Mary, writes of how she’s been swimming since she was just one year old and now loves swimming in the open water at Torquay.

Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Sharks (Eamon)

Eamon’s passion is both ferocious and magnificent. And scary!

Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Electronic Dance Music (Joe C)

Future producer, Joe Coleman, is totally into EDM.

Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: The Gorillaz (Joe MP)

Joe MP is passionate about the Gorillaz, a band which has quite an effect on him.

Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Why I Love Dogs (Zoe)

Zoe pays tribute to her old friend George in this moving explanation of why she loves dogs.

Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: NRL (Asher)

Asher’s passion is rugby league, especially following the Storm. The game also reminds Asher of his wonderful great grandad Carl.

Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Soccer (Anna)

Anna was a reluctant soccer player but now that she’s playing every Saturday she loves it.

Merri Creek Primary School – My Passion: Why I love tennis (Viggo)

Viggo was introduced to tennis by his grandfather, his brother and by watching Wimbledon. He now loves it, along with lots of other sports including athletics.

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